Supper clubs

Sample more delicious Indonesian food at one of our supper clubs!


Our favourite dishes, home-cooked with love, using our mother's recipes ♥️ Served at communal tables, family-style. We can't wait to share the taste of our childhood with you. 


Sample menu

Menu subject to change depending on availability of ingredients. 


Rice bowls

Slow cooked Sumatran beef curry or sweet soy aubergine stew (VG) with steamed rice, fried shallots, crackers and sambal



Javanese-spiced free range chicken wings, marinated in spices, coconut and lemongrass then deep fried till crispy



Crackers with a sweet soy and chilli dipping sauce (VG)

Crunchy vegetables pickled with Indonesian spices (VG)



Banana fritters drizzled with pandan syrup and served with salted coconut cream (V)


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